Getting The Exercise You Need On Holiday

For most of us, exercise is part of our lifestyle – an inbuilt part of our daily routine. When we head out on holiday, that tends to go out the window, whether it’s on a Spanish island or just down to the nearest campsite to live in a tent for a week or two.

Some of us go camping with our dogs, but the majority of pitches will be occupied by families, often young families, who are taking one of their first holidays with the kids. That will undoubtedly involve visiting the coast and playing on the beach, or visiting tourist attractions like theme parks – activities that involve a good amount of exercise simply by doing them, walking around all day.

There’s also a newer breed of campsite too – that’s aimed at people who like to visit the gym a lot – and provide that workout away from home. We’re used to seeing campsites with swimming pools available, but increasingly now we’re seeing gyms too, so you can get your cross trainer fix. If you’re not familiar with these clever contraptions, have a look at these. You’ll find every possible type of exercise equipment on these sites, whether you’re a fan of running on a treadmill, riding on the gym bikes or anything else, turn to the web to find a campsite that can help.

Of course, you don’t need a gym to get exercise, instead of jumping on a treadmill you can go jogging, or cycle on the roads instead of using an exercise bike. The problem with those is usually the location of campsites – they tend to be out in the countryside. While that’s a beautiful place to get exercise, it’s also the sort of place that can be quite dangerous, with other road users speeding along in cars. Safety first is key – and that might explain a lot about why people choose to use the on site gyms instead.